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How to Calculate Square Feet
  1. When calculating your countertop's square footage, we recommend you divide your surface into easy to measure, rectangular sections as in the image below.

    Countertop Mesurments
  2. Multiply the length by the width of each section to get the square inches.
  3. Countertop Area
    Section A: 50in x 27in = 1350 sq in
    Section B: 30in x 27in = 810 sq in
    Section C: 80in x 27in = 2160 sq in

    Backsplash Area
    Section D: 50in x 5in = 250 sq in
    Section E: 55in x 5in = 275 sq in
    Section F: 60in x 5in = 300 sq in

    Total Square Inches: 5145 Square inches

  4. The total result is then divided by 144 to calculate Square Feet.

    Total Square Feet: 5145/144 = 35.73 Square Feet